The Aurora County All-Stars
The Aurora County All-Stars
by Deborah Wiles
A.R. 4.5
Genre: Sports and Realistic Fiction

House Jackson spent the year off from baseball recovering from a broken elbow.  His teammates don't know he also spent that year reading to the town's mysterious, and recently deceased, citizen, Mr. Norwood Boyd.  Now, that he is finally able to return to baseball, it looks like the only game they play all year will be preempted by the town's 200th anniversary pageant.  It's up to House to figure out a solution, explain his connection to the mysterious Mr. Boyd, and come to terms with his past.  This is not your average coming of age story.  To be honest, there were times when this book got long and boring to me... not unlike a baseball game (even though I am a fan).  Stick with it, and you will be rewarded with some glorious plays by the end.

Antarctic Journal
Antarctic Journal
by Meredith Hooper
illustrate by Lucia deLeiris
A.R. 5.3
Genre:  Nonfiction/591.998

Meredith Hooper and Lucia deLeiris traveled to Antarctica together to combine research with art.  You might be surprised to learn about all the life living in the freezing waters surrounding the Antarctic and the importance of sea ice on the entire ecosystem.  I know I was.  It's a short, but informative read that goes well beyond the focus of penguins and icy tundras in the Antarctic.

Bad Kitty School Daze

Bad Kitty School Daze
by Nick Bruel
A.R. 3.3
Genre:  Fantasy

Puppy has managed to drag Kitty into another bad situation.  This time, they are both sent to school for manners training.  Things only get worse when Petunia, a bulldog at school, admits that she cannot stand cats.  Kitty thinks quickly and convinces Petunia that she is a cow.  How long can she keep up the charade?  Will Puppy, Petunia, and Kitty learn to get along with each other?  You'll have to read this book to find out.

*I didn't have time to read my 7 books this week.  I'm busy preparing for ISTE.  It's a long road trip, so maybe I'll make up for it next week.


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