Pi in the Sky

Pi in the Sky
by Wendy Mass
A.R. 4.6
Genre:  Science Fiction

To start, I have to say that I don't enjoy science fiction or fantasy, in general.  Students, however, do.  Living so close to one of the nation's largest space towns gives me another incentive to keep sci-fi in my reading list.  I like the play on words in this book title, Pi in the Sky, and that alone was enough to get me started.

The main character, Joss, is one of the seven sons of the Supreme Overlord of the Realms (a.ka., the Universe).  His job is to deliver pies, which he believes to be a trivial job.  But, when an earthling catches a glimpse of the Realms through her telescope, the Earth has to be destroyed.  It's up to Joss to figure out how to rebuild space and time so that he can reconstruct everything that led up to the moment when the Realms were revealed.  There are plenty of themes to explore for every type of reader - language (pi, pie, even the author's last name!), relationships, and, of course, the science.  It was a fun read.  I already know which student I am going to recommend it to first.

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)
Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan
A.R. 4.7
Genre:  Fantasy

When Mr. Brandon tells the classic mythology tales to his fifth grade students, they flock to the library for more.  I have been slowly adding good collections of the Greek and Roman myths to the collection.  Then, I realized we didn't have The Lightning Thief series.  Serious oversight.  I have added all the books in the series, and read the first.  Riordan does a good job creating likeable characters which makes this book series an enjoyable read, even for someone that doesn't enjoy the genre.  In this introduction, Percy Jackson is being thrown out of boarding school again.  Learning that he is a half-god explains some of the trouble he's had all his life - like the fact that he's dyslexic because he was supposed to be reading in ancient Greek.  It creates much bigger problems though as he has angered the gods who believe he has stolen Zeus's lightning bolt.  This is an action-packed read that teaches a lot of lessons along the way.  If you like Harry Potter, you will enjoy this series, too.


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